Ambipar Group, founded in 1995, has operations in Brazil and abroad, and a wide portfolio of environmental services, standing out mainly for waste recovery and response to environmental emergencies, based on the principle of sustainability.

We are pioneers in several products and services, in addition to being a reference in the market for innovation in the use of cutting-edge and R&D (Research and Development) technologies. We seek customized solutions to the needs of each client, always aiming at the implementation of new technologies and new processes that allow treating and recovering waste at their origin, returning them, whenever possible, as raw material to the production chain, following the Circular Economy concept. In other words, by reincorporating the waste into production processes, customers improve their sustainability indexes, saving important financial and natural resources for current and future generations. We operate in two segments:

Environment: operates in total waste management, focusing on recovery supported by R&DI (Research, Development & Innovation). Environment prepares exclusive projects, which meet the needs of customers, helping them to maintain the focus on their core activities, always based on safety, quality and efficiency in processes. These advantages, including people management, are what make Environment win new customers and expand the portfolio of services on the existing costumers.

Response: has the leadership in Brazil and has a high level of capillarity abroad in the emergency care segment, involving accidents with chemicals and pollutants, as well as firefighting. It operates with its own teams and a wide geographical coverage, which results in a shorter response time. Ambipar Response currently has more than 150 operational bases, strategically located in the national and international territory, with vehicles and multidisciplinary training technicians, such as: chemists, engineers of many specialties and biologists. Another advantage is its International Emergency Call Center DDG 0800-172020 (CECOE), with a fully automated service for global clients, operating 24 hours a day, with telephone and power backup. Ambipar Response offers services in accident prevention, training and emergency response. We offer the largest and most complete multimodal training field with dangerous goods in Latin America, located in the city of Nova Odessa, State of São Paulo, Brazil, and also 2 more units located in Chile and Peru.

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